Remember, I am - NEW ALBUM 2016

Album Teaser

The Story...

‘Remember, I am’ is the story of ‘I’ transformed.
When we walk together, being true to ourselves,
we shape the world in meaningful ways.
We really are, so much more.

Life is fragile, be lifted, ‘Remember, I am’.

What's Included

Kristin’s new album, for solo cello, laptop and midi controller,
is due for release in late April 2016.

Professional studio recording of Live Looped multi layered original Cello compositions (48kHz/24bit), 7 tracks, 45mins, expertly mixed and mastered.

i – Remember, I am
ii – From the Dreams of Others
iii – Only in the Final Breath
iv – When Illusions Dissolve
v – The Awakening
vi – We Are So Much More
vii – title TBA


‘Remember, I am’ tracks are fully notated live looping compositions by Kristin Rule (using Ableton Live software). Ableton ‘Live’ enables Kristin to capture / sample multiple layers of cello, live in performance, without the aid of pre recorded sound.   In this way, the audience follows the creation of her work, as she weaves together the various elements, educing an intimate experience of, and being mesmerised by, the musical construction process.

It’s akin to watching someone paint, the artists intent is revealed via the careful organisation of colour, but this time the medium is acoustic sound, and the brush a cello. 


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‘The Knife that Cuts a Tear’ features 10 tracks, including ‘Affirmation’ (listen below).