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‘Remember, I am’ is the story of grief transformed.
When we walk together, being true to ourselves,
we shape the world in meaningful ways.
We really are, so much more.

Kristin’s new album, for solo cello, laptop and midi controller,
is due for release in late April.

i – Remember, I am
ii – From the Dreams of Others
iii – Only in the Final Breath
iv – When Illusions Dissolve
v – The Awakening
vi – We Are So Much More

***Pre Order now and receive a complimentary download of
‘The Knife that Cuts a Tear’ (value $10)

$15 AUD


$25 AUD

DVD Audio / Visual

  • Music Video DVD including footage from live studio recording and moving images used in performance
  • DVD will come with a free download of the digital audio version of Remember I am' upon it's release in April 2016

$90 AUD

Full Score

  • 'Remember I am' is a fully notated 40 min composition featuring six movements for Solo Cello - Ableton Live & Midi Foot Controller
  • Purchasing this fully notated score will give access to all information required to perform this music including the relevant Ableton Live 'Sets'
  • Great study resource for musicians or music students wanting to explore live looping using Ableton Live or to study music technology use in modern classical composition
  • All score orders will come with a digital download of 'Remember I am' upon it's release in April 2016
  • **Tech requirements for performance - Ableton live - midi controller & IAC driver (free in OS) or PC equivalent

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